People have always wanted to go traveling and enjoy some peaceful moments to themselves. Some people choose to be close to nature by hiking in the mountain and camping in the forest. Some others consider enjoying new adventure by trying great and extraordinary sports, such as surfing, kayaking, or snowboarding. Such sports can help people to get their adrenaline rush and let you feel the excitement. This way, you can keep your life dynamic and meaningful, even though it is only for a while.

With the coming of a new year holiday, you might want to consider enjoying some snowboarding as the snow is everywhere around the corner. In fact, snowboarding trips have gained more popularity in the last decades. The sport lets you look cooler than skiing in the winter as you have to use a plank of wood in your feet. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your things and if needed, visit the Residence Style article to look for the accessories that you might have used if you have decided to hit the slopes this winter season. Meanwhile, this article will provide you with the five best places to enjoy your memorable snowboarding experience.


Tignes is located in the east of France, near Val D’Isare, and it developed a lot in the 1960s, which is reflected in the buildings. Tignes feel like a home for the Grande Motte glacier. The glacier has shrunk more than 25 meters since 1982 but is still available to skiers and snowboarders most of the year.


snowboardingAt the foot of Mont, Blanc lies Chamonix. The popular snowboarding area is home to the world’s best vertical lift cable car, which climbs from 1035 to 3842 meters on the all-important Aiguille du Midi. Many travelers love this place because of the cable car. Besides, some of the areas, the Vallee Blanche glacier, The Pas du Chevre, and Les Pkanards, are known to have attracted the crowd’s attention. 

Sankt Anton am Arlberg

This place is located on the Rosanna River, Western Austria. The snowboarding site has an impressive 260 km of slopes and plenty of pubs and bars to relax between races. The area has a long winter history, and there were resident ski instructors here before the First World War.


Banff region has three different snowboarding areas, such as Mount. Norquay, Lake Louise Mountain Resort, and Sunshine Village. The later site is only a quarter hours from Banff town and has many snowfalls surrounded by three mountains. A little further away, about an hour away, in Lake Louise, a quieter, more romantic spot suitable for skier level. Meanwhile, Mt. Norquay is considered more challenging and has been used for skiing since 1926.

Whistler Blackcomb

This place has two notable snowboarding areas in the beginning, but they have been merged since 2003. Now, the snowboarding site has known as the biggest snowboarding area in North America as it has more than eight thousand hectares of terrain with a couple of hundreds of trails. Some snowboarding Olympics events have also been held here, so it is undoubtedly the best place to enhance your snowboarding experience.