Summer is here. There is no reason we can’t enjoy this amazing summertime. Your work is not a huge deal to combat your desire to go on an adventure trip to enjoy summer. This summer, why don’t you enjoy summer hiking, biking, or even snorkeling in some amazing and adventurous places? You can also get your friends to enjoy this summertime together. You can read more about it at You need to always remember that it is always better to pack less than you think. It is easy to tell the experienced traveler from the novice when you are in another country.

Adventure Trip Packing Tips

The novice usually carries a large suitcase or backpack with colorful contents larger than their body. They have the latest adventure gear and “hiking” shoes that cost hundreds of dollars and are often dressed. Comfort comes first. When traveling, a lot is going on. Getting around with 50 pounds of luggage can be exhausting. You’re a target for thieves and crooks if you’re carrying all your expensive gear with you. Here are some tips to help you keep that in mind.

Choose a Backpack

A backpack is the best option if you plan to be physically active and walk more than 100 yards. Not all backpacks are the same. Be discreet and small. A backpack in dark colors, such as brown or black, will attract less attention than one in bright colors. Make sure the flap is at the top of the backpack so water can’t get in. Backpacks with zippers can get your things wet. Also, protect your clothes with waterproof bags. I prefer regular plastic grocery bags, but you can also buy sturdier bags at retail stores. Your backpack should be as compact as possible. You should keep your backpack as small as possible if you’re going for a hike (climbers may need something larger). I use a 30-liter backpack, but 45 liters would be a good limit for general use. It will be used a lot, so if storage isn’t possible, you don’t need it.

Think of Light and Breathable Clothing

Clothing should be light and breathable. Cotton is always a good choice. You can usually wear three shirts, wash one and still have one left. If you must be outdoors, make sure you have one with a collar. This will keep the sun off your neck. Charges with zippered legs are my favorite pants. They can be converted to shorts or swim shorts. It’s always best to choose dark colors because they hide dirt and grime. Aside from socks and underwear, I usually don’t wear anything else. You can buy almost anything you need at a fraction of the price at home. Sunburn can be a problem when traveling.

Bring a Proper Pair of Shoes

You won’t be wearing those Scarpa hiking shoes unless you’re seriously interested in mountaineering. You can find these $300 Scarpa’s in many countries for as little as $10. They were stolen by an enterprising local after some idiot tourist left them out in the open. Comfort is key – I prefer Converse All Stars, but my friend was wearing $300 Scarpas. You can usually buy the best shoe at your destination, but you might need them.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen and Lighters

There are a few things I would never travel without. Since I hate sunburn, sunscreen is my most important item. You can also use a small multi-tool, but don’t take a Leatherman. It could be lost or stolen. Multi-tools can be purchased for as low as $5 and work well. A lighter ($1 plastic) is a must for everything from lighting cigarettes to locking string ends. It’s important to pack light, discreet and inexpensive when packing for an adventure trip. That way, you won’t become a pack mule or a target for thieves and thugs. This way, you’ll be able to travel more and won’t have to worry so much about your gear.