commuter buses

Reasons for Traveling by Bus

Although traveling by plane is faster, some people still prefer traveling by bus. There are several reasons why the traditional way of traveling will not go out service even when you are in a society where each minute counts. This is why people prefer traveling by bus to other modes of transport:

Cheap Bus Tickets

Traveling by bus is more economical. Yes, you might purchase plane tickets at ridiculously low prices, but you will need transportation from the airport to your destination. Therefore, you incur an extra cost. Unlike the buses, which usually offer a 50% discount that the passengers have an additional amount to save.

Power Outlets and Wi-Fi

The new bus carriers have installed power sockets and Wi-Fi for long-distance travelers. When traveling by bus, one does not need to worry that their battery is running low. Instead, they have an option to enjoy themselves with the internet when they are not sleeping.

Occasional Stops and Breaks

Long-distance traveling can be tiring when usingcommuter buses a plane or a train. Usually, make continuous visits to the bathroom, which might not help much because they are tired of sitting for long hours. Unlike the bus where the driver takes longer and shorter breaks so that the passengers can stretch their legs or buy something to eat. Furthermore, passengers can use the restrooms at the gas stations, unlike in the plane where you have to squeeze yourself in a tiny washroom.

You Cannot Worry About Missing Luggage

At least everyone who uses a plane is always worried that they might lose their baggage before the flight. Often, passengers wait impatiently for the luggage to appear at the carousel, which can take a stressful moment. Unlike the bus, where you hand your suitcase to your driver.  Furthermore, you can carry as much luggage as you want.

No Planning in Advance

When you purchase a cheaper plane ticket, usually one has to book months in advance, and it is highly expensive when buying the same-day ticket. On the contrary, bus tickets are a similar price at any time of the year.  You can purchase the same day ticket with the same amount as someone who bought months early.

Location Is Everything

Most airports are far away from the city center. Therefore, when you land, there might be a long distance to reach your destination. However, buses are more flexible as bus stations are located in the city center and you can smoothly proceed with your journey.…